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When it comes to picking the right window treatment, whether for the office or for the home, there are certain things that buyers should consider. Probably one of the most important factors that one should look into is the reputation of the company manufacturing the blinds. Today, we take a look at Graber, one of the most trusted names in the industry, to see the advantages of Graber blinds.

Graber has been in existence since 1939 and through the decades, the company has made a name for itself for combining form and function when it comes to their wide range of products from mini blinds to cellular shades. The innovative design of Graber blinds have set them apart from the competition.

Brief History
Before Graber blinds became popular, available window treatment products were not as innovative as they are today. John N. Graber started looking for a window treatment solution when the venetian blinds he bought were not the look he desired. He set forth to create a solution that would ultimately revolutionize the industry. Graber invented the “Badger Crane” — a handcrafted, metal drapery crane which would hold the drapery side panels as they hung over the venetian blinds. Before long, Graber booked orders for his Badger Crane with department stores all over the Midwest, and Badger Crane Drapery Hardware went into full-scale production.

Plenty of Choices
With decades upon decades of perfecting manufacturing techniques and exploring design possibilities, Graber now has a complete lineup of window treatment products from the still popular mini-blinds to roman blinds, cellular shades, solar and natural shades, vertical blinds as well as shutters.

Green Commitment
Graber blinds are manufactured to create as minimal a negative environmental impact as possible. Recycled materials are also being used by the company and in case of Graber wood blinds; the company chooses renewable and environmentally friendly-sourced materials.

Graber, a Best Experience Company, offers a 70-year tradition of excellence and a lifetime warranty.

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