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Fall Design Ideas

Fall is about changing colors, crisp cool weather and heading back indoors. Autumn colors – brown, rust and gold tones – are especially warm and inviting. Play up the change of seasons in your home and set the mood for upcoming holiday activities with family and friends at home.

Start at your front door with a welcoming wreath of wheat, leaves or berries. Wreaths are easy to make using materials from your yard or from the hobby store. Switch out some of your home accent pieces or add a few new accessories to give any room in your home the look of the season. Fill a vase with tree branches and maple leaf twigs for a dramatic fall display. Add instant color to your room with new pillows or pillow covers in chocolate browns, golden yellows, burnt oranges and deep reds.

Now that the weather is turning cool, warm up your home with energy efficient window coverings. By controlling the way the sun’s energy enters your home, you can take advantage of “free” heating in the winter.

Window coverings with a cellular construction, like honeycomb blinds, trap air between two sheets of fabric and cause an insulating blanket between the window and the room.

Wood blinds bring a warm, natural look to a room while providing excellent energy efficiency and light control. If your room is small, light neutral colors help make a room appear larger and brighter, while darker, warm colors can help make a room cozy and inviting.

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William Senoma Wreath

Williams-Sonoma Wreath


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