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A Breakdown of Window Coverings

Window coverings are a very affordable design staple that can have dramatic effects for interior decorators and budding Do-It-Yourself-ers. All visual appeal is based on light, and your windows and window coverings are what control the access of light in your room. They can therefore be very powerful in interior design, but some shoppers feel overwhelmed with the wide range of wood blinds, roller shades, sheer vertical blinds and other window coverings that are available.

Wood blinds are a classic and universally appealing window covering. Made from hardwoods, wood blinds are light and their louvers can be adjusted to let any amount of light in. These are the kind of blinds commonly seen in offices, studies and living rooms. Most people opt for a stained or natural finish in their wood blinds to show off the quality of natural wood. However these blinds can be matched to almost any interior because of their wide range of painted colors and stains.

Along with traditional hardwood blinds, you can also order faux wood blinds, which are less expensive and more weather resistant. Bamboo roman shades are another wood blind variant that use earth-friendly bamboo to give a soft filtered light when rolled down. Bamboo is a much more renewable resource than hardwoods, and can give a more natural, relaxed look to a room.

For those who want more light control out of their blinds, roller shades are a great choice. When rolled down, they present a solid face that effectively blocks sunlight. When you really need to block all light for work, sleep, or privacy reasons, honeycomb cellular shades are a great choice. Cellular shades are made of pleated fabric that forms pockets of air to insulate your windows. This double sided technology also makes the shades great at stopping light. In their original use, cellular shades drastically decrease heat transfer across the window. This leads to a more comfortable interior and reduced energy bills.

Less utilitarian, but more stylish are sheer blinds and shutters. Sheer blinds create a soft, romantic atmosphere in a room because all light is filtered through a silky cloth barrier. Shutters, on the other hand, are the oldest window covering. Some people still use storm shutters to protect from dangerous weather, but recently the plantation shutter has come into vogue. These classy shutters bring an air of old-time elegance to a home.

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