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Deck the Hall Decorating 101

It’s that time of year again and thoughts are getting warm, fuzzy and festive and you want your home to share those feelings. The goal is to create an inviting place for friends and family to enjoy the holidays. Sit back, relax and think before adorning that hall, wall, window or whatever. If a professional holiday decorator is not an option, here’s an opportunity to show off your decorating talents. Think about two things before randomly setting out any holiday stuff: your décor and color schemes. First of all, consider your home décor. Is it sleek, modern and minimalistic? You may want to restrain your decorating frenzy and keep that minimal as well. A few strategically placed pieces may be all you need. Large wood block letters that spell a one word holiday greeting on a mantel or shelf accompanied by a grouping of candles might be enough. Decorate a small, skinny artificial tree with simple ornaments. Hang a pine…

Round, Elliptical or Trapezoidal Oh My What a Decorating Dilemma Have I?

Triangular Windows

Tips for Treating Challenging Window Shapes Your new home has lots of bare windows just begging to be covered but the challenge is some of them may not have ninety degree angles.  They may be round, oval, elliptical, trapezoidal or arched.  This type of window is usually an important architectural feature of a room and is often best left alone.  Do some careful planning in your choice of window treatment if there is a good reason for one.  Custom blinds, shutters, shades and curtains can be made to fit any shape window. First things first, take a quick inventory and decide why you want to cover this window.  Are there issues with too much light, privacy or an unpleasant view?  Perhaps the window itself is not that attractive because of its shape and size.  Do you want some type of covering to enhance a window or add to the decorative elements of a room?   Would you prefer the window completely…

The Versatile Beauty of Roman Shades

Levolor Cordless Roman Shades

  Are you facing a decorating dilemma because of windows that are a challenge to cover and you haven’t a clue to how to get started? Don’t worry, don’t stress… comes the Roman shade to the rescue! The reason you should consider Roman shades for your windows is that the simplicity of style works with any décor from modern to traditional and anything in between. You can choose from fabrics, woven woods, and bamboo materials. Personalize solid color shades with a border or go with a vibrant print. Layer with drapes or jabots, perhaps add a valance. The material choices and shade styles are many. Roman shades use less fabric making them more economical than curtains and they are so much more than just a functional window covering. You just have to figure out whether you prefer the clean lines of a contemporary design or an elegant classic look. To get your project started, some decisions need to be made….

The Window Drama: To Treat or not to Treat

Just as the eye is the window to the soul, the window can be the soul of a room and attention to the treatment of that window can turn a plain room into a spectacular one. Unless the window is facing an incredible scenic view, a room without a well-dressed window is like a fashion model leaving the house without wearing any makeup. A beautiful window treatment can turn an ordinary room into something extraordinary. It needs to be more than a just a covering to provide privacy or filter the daylight. The window treatment should pull the design and color elements of a room together. It can be the focal point of a room, the first thing you see when you enter the space. The window can provide the ‘WOW’ factor, it can make a room inviting, a place where one would be proud to entertain family and friends. It is the one design element of a room that…

Decorating for Resale

Just a thought before you pick out your favorite shade of bright purple for an accent wall in your new home! Is there the possibility you may be selling in a few years. Most new homeowners will sell for one reason or another on average in five to seven years. If that possibility is in your future think about decorating for resale. The first thing a real estate agent will tell you when considering to list your property will be cover up that purple wall with a neutral color. If you’ve made the mistake of coordinating that wall with a vibrant print wall to wall carpet it will make it more difficult to sell your home and affect the selling price. So will that trendy wallpaper already outdated by the time you put your house on the market. Keep in mind, few potential buyers will appreciate your good taste or the amount of work involved in changing it to something…

Top 5 Most Popular Blinds

Here are the 5 most popular window treatments to guide your decision making. There is a reason these blinds are the most popular. Read on. #1 Cellular Shades Cellular shades are one of the most popular shades in the country because they do so much. The offer a lot of insulation, they offer light control and they come in a wide variety of fabrics and colors. They are available cordless, and some can be raised from the top down. Cellular shades will enhance your windows and work with most decors. Because windows can account for 25% of heat and air loss in the home, the insulation value of cellular shades saves money on heating and air conditioning, a major plus for this product. The structure of the shade creates the insulation. Honeycomb pockets trap air inside and these pockets become instant insulators that stop or slow down the transfer of heat between your windows and the rest of your home….

Easy and Elegant Table Setting Ideas – When Your Dining Room Takes Center State on Thanksgiving


Set the mood for your Thanksgiving celebration with these creative ideas including linens, centerpieces and windows. Linens Establish your color theme based on the colors already present in your room while adding traditional fall colors such as burnt orange, browns and golden yellows. Table linens are a must for a formal setting, whether a table runner, place mats or tablecloth. A white table cloth can be a backdrop for any color scheme. Cloth napkins with napkin holders are an important element in completing your linens. Match your napkins to the tablecloth or use coordinating napkins in a single color or mix it up with multiple colors within your color scheme. If you don’t have napkin holders, tie your napkins with ribbon or twine. For a formal setting, offer a crisply folded napkin at each place setting. Now set the table. In most circumstances, a basic table setting is sufficient, but set the table based on the food you will be…

Affordable Cordless Blind Options

Affordable Cordless Blind Options

Not all blinds need cords or pulls to work. Cordless window blinds may seem like an unnecessary upgrade to many people, but for any home with children or pets, they’re an essential safety feature. There are several mechanisms that make for beautiful, much safer, and affordable cordless blind and covering options. When looking for cordless blinds, look for a shade that uses one of these functions.

Learn more about the different types of cordless mechanisms and the many different styles of cordless window coverings available!